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We are fed up with IBM sales droids selling crap to the companies and making millions. But we are furios because the software they sell is buggy, unstable, slow and unusable. We, software developers, have to hack it every day to make it work for the simple things that should work out of the box.



1. Name withheld upon request - April 2, 2008

Oh man, I am so on board with this. I keep getting forced into WS Portal and weaseling my way out of it but it’s inevitable that I get sucked into the black hole this thing represents. Every time I touch it, I shudder and begin building up my escape mechanism rather than do any meaningful work.

On the other hand, this is a service company’s dream and a virtual guarantee of lifetime employment once the massive expense of creating and maintaining it is realized. Companies are in too deep and it’s too complex to maintain without assistance from IBM and anyone who knows your portal environment is too valuable to let go – nobody else is going to figure it out anytime soon, if ever.

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