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Struts Portlet and JSP do not share the session in Websphere Portal February 27, 2008

Posted by Tomas in IBM Webspehere.
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This is the most annoying thing I found about Websphere Portal: Struts Portlet and Servlet do not share the Session! How stupid is that? We are using Struts 1.1 based Portlets and coincidently Struts uses JSP pages which at runtime are compiled into…. you guessed it – Servlets. So now When user logs into portal we load a permission map and stick it into the session so every part of the webapp can validate what a given user can do inside the application. Almost every part, since Portlet and Servlet do not share the Session you can not get to the permission map in the Session.

After extensive testing it has been confirmed to work with generic Portlet and Servlet, but if you use Struts Portlet the things that put into the session in the portlet or your action classes you can not be found in the JSP pages.

Stay away from Websphere Portal if you can.